Saturday, August 26, 2006

Makenna's birthday. Probably the best kids party we have had yet. "Fish" was the theme. So I made the fish cake (check out the pic! pretty good huh?!). We made fish necklaces, tackle boxes, fished for money, swam, jumped on the tramp, ate cake and opened presents. The kids had fun but were not flying around all high on sugar. Everyone did what they wanted and I was okay with that. There were a few friends missing but we made it so we would see them at differnet times.

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Colette Prost said...

Looks like Makenna had an awesome party...
Can't wait for you to come to Aimee & My party at Ben Lee Park next Sunday at 1pm...of course bring your towel and your swim suit.

Nice pictures of Tiggy!! Very Cute!!