Saturday, August 26, 2006

Over a week...better get to updating....

Annaliis's family is back from Europe and our family is getting back to some normalcy. I'm loving being home with the girls again! I was finding the running around between her house and ours very time consuming. Also trying to be with her downstairs and the girls upstairs was impossible.

Darren worked this morning to make up some hours he'll be missing Monday for a funeral. Sue, Vaughn's (Darren's little Brother thru Big Bro's) mom passed away after a battle with Cancer. Vaughn is now 20 but I get that this will wear on him in it's own unique way that lossing someone we love does in all of us.

Makenna and Mickala both had friends over. Shanti is staying for a sleepover. So we ventured into our first time of "streaking" the hair for the two of them. I panicked a little and Mickala's barely show so far.... Makenna has been starting all of her craft kits she got for her birthday...painting away.

I would tell you Tiggy is starting to mellow but that would just bring on a bought of "hyper cat". We tried not putting her in the basement so we could sleep but she kept insisting that lights being turned off actually means play time. That must be cat language. As you can tell I'm still in training.

Nt for now.

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Jenn said...

Hi Sonia glad to see the party was fun. I am glad Makenna had a good birthday. Sorry to hear about Vaughn's Mom send our blessing ot him and our deepest sympathy. Well iam down with a bad cold so taking things easy lately. Hope to talk soon miss you all lots of love Jenn and Trev