Sunday, September 17, 2006

After someone called to see if we were okay - "It had been a while since you had blogged" - I thought I should do a little post to update everyone.

It has been a little overwhelming over the last few weeks...we finished off the summer with a wonderful camping trip to Fintry. Met some new friends and spent some time with old friends as well as family. It was a wonderful way to end the summer. Only problem is I really didn't want the summer break to end (other than my deserate feeling to replenish my bank account) it was wonderful to be home with the girls...I'm even questioning if $ was not such an issue if I would be staying home with them and giving home school a shot. Any way no need to live in the what if's this is where God seems to want me right here I am...trying to figure out what exactly I am suppose to be learning along this journey called life.

Kids are back to school...I'm back to work and the days seem to be flying by. We are preparing for Disneyland and Darren's going back to school in October...Well we are off to a pick nick trying to enjoy every last moment of the good weather before it gets to cold and dreary...

Bye for now.


Bob & Kathy said...

Thanks for the blogger comment! Hope you have a great and relaxing trip to California!

Uncle Bob & Aunt Kathy

Lori said...

I don't know if a trip to Disneyland will be relaxing, but have a great time!

Thanks for the update!