Wednesday, August 09, 2006

It's 10:07pm Wed nt...Just got home from has been a long week and it's only hump day! I hope I sleep well today!

On a more positive note...I had an awesome day (stong on the "day" word) with Mickala...Makenna spent the day with her friend and Mickala had the choice of hanging with a friend or hanging with me and she decided to hang with was nice just being with her - not mediating between her and Makenna...not riding her to do this and that just being...definatly my high for the day! I so crave more one on one time with the girls...I love just hearing about their ideas, I want to know what makes their hearts sing.

Yesterday Mickala asked me about the people protesting in front of the hospital - it was a great door opener for us to talk about abortion..and hopefully she'll keep asking others for their input..that was her challenge of the week.

Dreading my 20 year reunion this weekend but so looking forward to seeing a few choice friends...

Just booked a camping spot for Sept long weekend!! Yeah!!!

Well I'm off to bed more insights and thoughts latter...nt


Jenn said...

Hello Sonia glad to see you are getting some one on one with te girls this summer. I hope they are having a good summer and hope to see you all soon miss you guys lots.

Lori said...

Don't dread the reunion...the tough part was surviving high school!

Are you going to the pub night Friday? I am.

Sonia said...

Yes - on the pub nt...probably be a bit late...Diane is driving down tommorrow. I'm hoping she'll be in at a good time...but Darren also needs to be home to hang with the rug rats...See you there.