Friday, August 18, 2006

Is it Friday already? Where did the week go...oh with Diane...

Today has been nice and easy friend Kathy's 3 kids, my two and
Annaliis helping where she can...I have made soap with them (using a very easy cheater kit from Michaels - now there would be my not so good place to work as I would spend all if not more than my share of my pay cheque!). Made some french toast and turkey sausage for lunch...peaches - yum! Doing laundry galore...mine plus Annaliis's as she just got back from camp.

Went to see Cat's last was a rehearsal nt and Annaliis had invited all four of us to go with her...I thought "not a bad way to spend my anniversary" after all we are currently on empty in the $ department after last weeks shopping extravaganza. Did I mention that I really had not thought out the whole picture...the part where Makenna has not been feeling 100% and that the kids attention span - although better than some kids is not that of adults yet...they wormed they kicked, they talked, they asked a million times if it was over when the first intermission hit...I tried to talk to them about their behaviour but was remprimanded by some nice woman in front of me that tried to tell me that it's okay they are just learning and they will basically grow up to be well adjusted adults who will not be mass murders. So Darren and I took about 30 seconds to discuss the fact that there was at least another 50 minutes left...and we decided that for our children to live to see the light of day it was best that we let them leave (as they were asking). Darren took them to DQ for a treat - I stayed with Annaliis thinking of how nice it would be to feel that oh so soft Gap cotton of his t-shirt (Diane - he really liked it!). Once home and in bed we decided we should try our anniversary date night another time.


Jenn said...


Well another year gone already and 1 more year to put behind you guys We hope it was a good year for the 2 of you. Well I haven't had the chance to even send you guys a card or even get Makenna a birthday card shame on me and $ flow right now is so tight as well maybe I will email her one as it is free lol I hope she has a good party and a good birthday talk to you again soon. Love Jenn and Trev

Lori said...

yes, happy anniversary!