Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Beaches, waterparks, raspberries and cupcakes - that has been my week...not stressful at all! And I'm loving it! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted since I finished work! Never realized how heavy I had made it. I have been at the kids school twice this week and loved all of it!

Other good news...started swimming again...have shifted my brain to think in new ways...eating my first week have lost 4's awesome and it's just the start! I'm realizing that once I start moving my body a little - it will get easier to move my body the in the ways it used to fields here I come!! - okay a little ways to go yet but I'll take the baby steps.

Love'n life!!


Lori said...

Well? It's been over 2 weeks since you left your've had your mental holiday, so how do you feel now?

(You can't possibly be too busy to blog!?!)


Sonia said...

loving being off with the kids...loving being at home...freaked out about September...ever read the book "Love is letting go of Fear" - I need to review it...