Monday, June 19, 2006

Another Monday. Only 4 more days of work left before I step off the edge into some new unkown adventures. For those who don't know two weeks ago I gave my notice with LES (after 12 years). I'm filled with mixed emotions...sad as I won't see the great group of friends (who have become like family) over the last 12 years on a daily basis...but excited about the possibilities that the future may hold. (Scared fits in there somewhere as well!)

I asked the girls what they thought I should do if I was to change jobs and neither skipped a beat...they both thought I would do well at right now I am investigating licensing to provide daycare in our home. I'm excited but also nervous about the idea and will know more in the next 2-4 weeks.

For those of you who know me...if you have any ideas...please pass them on - I always appreciate some outside perspective.

Emotionally life is feeling like a roller coaster but I am trying to find specifically what it is that is making life feel so crazy and out of control and either slow it down or eliminate the turns alotogether.

On a completly different note...camping season is here!!! I figure the rain can't last forever -so we'll have great weather for camping! so planning we are doing.

So this post is a little disjointed but hopefully informative.

Bye for now.

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