Saturday, June 17, 2006

Life in a nut shell...realizations of the is much easier to help people who want you help vs. people who say they want your help but really don't want it...from a relationship building experience it is much easier to build relationships with people who want relationships than people who say they do but don't ever make any effort into it...this may all sound basic and simple but some days things seem much clearer than others.

Another realization for me is what is important for me at a funeral. Having just gone to one today - which was not necessarily what I want at mine..but very nice none the less.
Here's my list...
1) God! He has to be the focus...without him in my life I am so messed up!
2) Open first I was freaked out by how amazing of an experience has this been towards reality and closure in my own life!
3) Contemporary music...none of this hymns that no one has ever heard of ...I know Darren will pick meaningful songs....your the man!
4) Go from the funeral to reception...let's celebrate! If this is's okay to be sad but hey I'm happy - I know without a doubt that I will be celebrating where I'm at! This world is way to hard of a place to be ...enjoy what there is to enjoy!
5) Use up what left of me and burn the rest...I do not want to be in a box in the cold dark earth!

I know this is probably the wierdest blog you have read lately if not the wierdest ever...but those are my realiztions of the week. I have more...the last one I'll share is if I don't go to bed soon I'm pretty much guaranteed to be really grumpy tommorrow! Nite.

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