Sunday, January 28, 2007

I just downloaded some more pictures from my camera and thought I would share...As Christmas gift to each other (with the Martin side) we decided to do another winter getaway. This year we decided Big White. We found a huge condo that would fit all of us. We picked a weekend far enough before the baby would be born that we wouldn't be putting Kim or the baby at risk - after all it was only an hour out of town. But as life would be God had a different plan. Little Sydney came way earlier than expected and Steph and Kim were not able to come as Sydney was still in hospital. We got up to Big White on Friday night and it was soooooo....cold! We went for a short walk around the village and then back to the condo for the start of what would be the longest game of "Life" that has ever been played. The next morning Grandpa Martin strapped on his boots and went skiing. In the afternoon the girls, Darren and Grandma took to the ice and impressed me with their skating skills! Again it was cold but they were troopers! That night we went for dinner at the Swiss Bear - which was very good!! Overall we did lots of relaxing, lots of eating, some more relaxing with some skating, game playing and movie watching. I felt so rested when I got home! It was a great weekend. I think for me the funnest part was seeing my mom on skates - she did awesome!


Guy and C├ęcile said...

why my kids thinks I am a chicken when it comes to outdoors stuff?????

Bob & Kathy said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures. Your Mom looks good on skates. It was great to see your Dad and Steph in Yuma yesterday!

Lori said...

Wow! That sounds like a great break.

About the baby's good things ever happen at a convenient time??