Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm here! I'm here! We have been having some computer issues and it hasn't been letting me do much of anything on the Blog...well enough complaining.

One of the cool new things in my life is that I have a new niece. Sydney Claire Martin!!! She is beautiful...now I might be a little biased but I'll post a few pics so you can decide for yourself. She came very early and was only 3.5 lbs when born in Kamloops (back in KGH now!) But I have only seen her once...I can't wait till she's home...never thought I would love someone so much that I have only met once! Here's also a few pics of the proud Mom and Dad (Kim and Steph).


Jenny McAlister said...

Hi Sonia,
I'm here with my dad looking at the beautiful pictures of your new niece. Stephane must be SO PROUD!!!!! Congratulations from Uncle Tony and me too!

Lori said...

Isn't it utterly amazing that that little tiny baby will grow to be the same size as her parents?

Very cute!