Saturday, March 17, 2007

Yes we are still alive...I know it's been over a month but I just havn't been feeling up to much! Work continues to challenge me along with life in general...I have been fighting a cold for the last three weeks and have now decided that last night was my worst night today to the doctors I went and home with prescriptions I came...another day snuck away on me but Darren got lots done!

The truck and camper we have had for the last 6 years is now gone and along with the camper a part of my heart...I'm fearful this will be it for camping as sleeping in a tent no longer excites me and the money from the sale of the truck and camper (and them some) has gone towards a "new to us" truck ('88 Chevrolet). The last truck didn't owe us anything but the camper was a place I will always have great family memories of.

Our bedroom is finally a new color! And we even have a creative yet very cool headboard to go with it. Now just the clutter and a few more pieces of trim and it will look like a new room!

Getting the basement ready to rent out by May 1st will be the next big project along with me trying to figure out what to do with my career...Darren also goes back to school for six weeks starting Mar 24 (about) to finish his fourth year carpentry. Most people finish high school, go off to college or university, buy a house start a not us we do it, family, school...

We'll I'm off to bed with the hope that tomorrow I will feel better.



Bob & Kathy said...

This may be a pause in your camping time, but there is a good possibility that sometime in the future you will pick up where you left off.
Uncle Bob had a trailer when he was in his 20's and started again when he was in his 60's. I'm sure that you will not take that long.
We hope to see you in April (check our blog page).
Love and Kisses!

Swabeys said...

Hey girlfriend, you need a Gord Turner hug. So do I. When I get back we will have to seek him out and get one together. Life has its seasons and you guys are entering a new one. It will be a new journey. I've been on a few as you know and they seem to work out. Take care. Love ya Denise