Friday, October 13, 2006

We'll we are back! Had a wonderful time in California...a little weird coming home to leaves and cool weather but it's all good.

Here's the trip scoop...Flew into LA on Friday. Spent over an hour at Hertz...finally decided to not go for the Hummer that I thought would be fun but instead went with the practical Uplander (don't buy one...we didn't like it) - it had a DVD for the kids. Off to San Diego right in the middle of LA's rush to San Diego around 8pm - not bad considering it was suppose to be a 2 1/2 hour drive and we flew into LA at 1:30pm. Freeway driving was a little more stressful than I bargained for but it did get easier by the end of the week.

Saturday morning got up at a good time. After some driving around we found Sea World...or maybe I should say we found the exit to Sea World (We could see Sea World all of the six times we drove by it - we just had a little trouble finding the exit). Had a BLAST! Makenna got us on the Atantis ride (click on the link to see the ride)
and we sat in the "soak zone" for all the shows...I was the wettest of all - I would ring out my sweater and it gushed with water. The Believe show was also a huge highlight with Shamu truly winning our hearts! We got there at 8 am and we left at close (8pm). It was a great day!!!!

Sunday we went to Tijuanna. The idea was to show the girls a small piece of what Darren and I have done when we have gone to build houses and hopefully give them a little bit of a view of what goes on in the world outside of themselves and Canada. The smog was the thick (from the garbage they burn), we were approached by a little girl about 2 selling bracelets and then swarmed by kids up to 8. We picked up a very colorful hammock and then headed back for the boarder crossing...the line up was over 2 1/2 km outside of the US Crossing building. It took us over an hour to just get in the building! Then we hit a couple factory outlets for the kids back to school clothes and then headed back to Anaheim.

Monday went to Disneyland!!! After all the hype of how cool it was I was worried that I would be let down...but no such thing happened! It was truly magical. Another family from Victoria was in line behind us...and gave us another 3 days worth of tickets for Disneyland as they had miss puchased their tickets...they wouldn't take any $ for them..this is just one example of people's generosity while we were away...God so blessed us over and over again.

After the Atlantis ride in San Diego Makenna was not willing to jump on any big rollercoaster type scared her pretty good! Mickala on the other hand was pumped and ready to drag anyone she could convice to go on any wild ride she could find. I think Indiana Jones was her favorite...Space Mountain was my favorite at Disneyland but I'll tell you latter what my overall favorite was.

We'll I'll leave you hanging there with part 1 and will give you more latter...I'll also try and add some pics.


Lori said...

Wow! Cool...sounds like everyone had a great time. Waiting for part 2.


Jenn said...

Glad to see some pics from your trip I am glad you all had a blast keep the pics coming.