Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Part 2 of the Disney Adventures

I think that if you were to ask Darren and the girls they would all say that as great as Disneyland itself was California Adventure was where we had the most fun as a family. The crowds were smaller and the pace a little slower. At Disneyland we saw castles, went on rides, met the Fairy God Mother herself, met Mickey and Minnie, and shopped but it was very busy and crowded.

Two of our favorite rides at California were Soaring over California and The Grizzly River Run. Once again I got soaked on the river ride and I had to go on the Ferris Wheel (I'm not the best in high places) with Makenna to get her to come on with us on the River Run. Soaring over California is like a mix of Imax and handgliding. It feels like you are going to dip your feet in the river and touch the leaves on the orange trees...all while your in a seat 45 feet in the air facing the screen. I swear I could smell the ocean and oranges as we flew over the different areas.

Another silly highlight was the Tortilla factory. They show you how they make the tortillas and then you get to taste a warm one right out of the oven...yum!

It was also in California Adventure that we went to Arial's Grotto for lunch and met 5 or so princesses. The food was average for the kids...probably the most well rounded meal I had all week...but the mac'n cheese tasted like flour. Service was great - kids loved it - expensive but worth it.

In Calif. Adv. there was an area set up like the Boardwalk's of California which included amusemant games. Darren won 4 stuffies for the girls and I got Tinkerbell painted on my cheek.

Oh yeah...and The Aladdin show is a live theatre show. There are two balconies, Aladdin and Jasmine fly thru the air on a magic carpet....the show was amazing!!!!!! Definatly a must see!

One of Mickala's favorite parts was Animation School. That's where actual Disney animators taught us to draw Goofy, Mickey and _____________.

So that's part 2 I think I have enough for a part 3...I'll be blogging again.


Jenn said...

I am loving the pics and stories of your great family trip to California looking foreward to part 3.

Lori said...

Great picture of you & tinkerbell, the girls & their stuffies! Can I take Darren with me the next time I go to a fair?


Bob & Kathy said...

Great pictures! So glad to hear that you had a good time. We are now in northern California and hopefully will be by San diego in a week or so. Love and kisses!

Jonara Blu said...

Hi Sonia! It's so nice to meet you..thank you for your wonderful comments..I'm so glad you like my jewelry :) I don't post enough on my blog...I need to get better at that. You have a very nice family and I see you went to Disneyland recently...we went last year...first time my son got to go and he was 14! You're never too old for Dland though :)