Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tiggy! Tiggy! Tiggy!

Feeling like the cat has taken over the family as the newest addition..still not sleeping...but working on it...Darren is trying to frantically finish the scratching post...

Life here was suppose to be a little slower...but no luck...we are doing respite with a young lady for the month, Wednesday's I have an extra 3 kids in the morning for a total of 7 under 9 yrs...good they I like all the kids! kids haircuts, grocery shopping, getting ready for camping, swimming and oh ya...I think I have a new job to start in September...I'll fill everyone in more latter.

We'll I have an early morning so I'm off to bed.

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Jenn said...

Well seems like you are really busy like always. We are doing good getting ready to go camping in a week and a half. I am hoping to have full time in September. Keep me posted about the job and what it is. Have a great weekend and dont over due it.

Love Jenn and Trev