Sunday, July 16, 2006

So here is the newest addition to our family "Tiggy". Not sure where Darren will sleep tonight when he gets home from up North?! So far my biggest complaint is the kitty litter under my feet when I go to the loo...other than that - I'm in love! (and I think the girls are too!)


Jenn said...

Whata very cute kitten the girls will definatly love her till death and she will just get bigger and bigger lol. Enjoy the new member of the Withers Family. I posted on my BLOG so enjoy. I will post more this month and I hope to see you guys soon and miss you and love you all.

Jenn and Trev :D

Lori said...

What a cutie! Get a spray bottle to train the kitty not to claw furniture, make sure its got someplace to claw though. (Get Darren to build you a cat tree! It's sort of a gift...)

and there are neat mats you can get for kitty to walk on in front of the litter box that give the stray litter a place to go...

Hi to the girls!