Friday, April 07, 2006

So what's new at the Withers? We'll Mickala stayed with Grandma M. as she was sick today. Makenna cut her toe (not sure how). Nicole is here for the weekend (and will only be with us one more weekend after this). Chrissy and Ashley move in Easter weekend. Sonia's work is going well (always challenging). Darren's work is very busy...anyone know of good carpenters who need work? Come to think of it anyone know any good Human Service Workers? We are always short staffed as well!

God has been good! (Even thru the hard stuff!) I have been involved with a personal/ Leadership Develpment group called Inside Out Leadership since last has been an awesome journey. I have gained lots of insight into myself and am choosing to do things different. (I don't always get it right - but am choosing to do things different!)

One of the things that I have been doing differently is to let people into my life more...okay mom I can hear you now... :)... so I'm hoping that you all love me enough to listen to me rant and rave about my revelations in the posts might look different...I'll still try and keep everyone up on the family stuff but hopefully you'll learn a little more about me...(Consider yourselves warned!)

Stay tuned for the new posts.

I'll take a look thru the pics and see if I can add a few new one's.

Bye for now,

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