Monday, March 20, 2006

So the kids are back to school - YEAH! - oh was that my outside voice? It was only one week so I'm really not complaining...I just ran out of money...We had Diane, Richard and Shannon here for the weekend (they arrived Wed we left Thurs...we really do like them!) We went to Vancouver to see Jen (Mickala's birth mom) and were suppose to stay with our friends Jennie, Bob, Mason and newbie Avery...but their house got flooded...we ended up staying at a hotel...I made it thru Science World and the girls shopping at Metrotown...then melted down with a migraine...that part was the least favorite part of the trip! The best part were seeing Jen and Trevor and Jennie, Bob and kids...we came home early...and got to spend a really nice day with great friends before they left to go back on Monday up North.

First day back to work after two weeks of being off was a comedy of errors..I'm trying very hard to see the positive in the day..."I have a great hubby, great kids and I only got a $138 fine for my first speeding ticket!" all in all I survived.

bye for now

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Lori said...

You're looking beautiful, as always. Pretty soon you'll be blogging about coming down to visit us in Penticton for the day.

I'm assuming we'll have a yard...and a barbecue!!

(A yard! A barbecue! Such a change after a condo in the city...)