Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Okay I'm going to try something new here...this is part of the sharing more of me thing...Something that God has totally put on my heart for the past two years is a project in Haiti called "Clean Water for Haiti". Ever since I heard of them and what they do I can't stop thinking about them! Clean, healthy water is something I so take for granted. I can not imagine not having it. To me it is a basic necessity. The filters they produce are bio-sand filters that Canadians at the University of Calgary (I think)...develped. It is a simple process that works...doesn't have to be rocket science, hight tech or expensive...it just works! But it still takes $ and rescources to produce and distribute. I feel like I'm not explaining it very well...so here's the link - check it out for yourselves and see what cool things they are doing! http://www.cleanwaterforhaiti.org/news.html

What is not posted yet is that they have been trying to purchase the land that the mission is on as the owner is trying to sell. They have about 90,000 of the 140,000$ they need to complete the purchase and the land owner has decided he wants a cash deal to be completed by the end of May...so if you pray on this and God lands this one in your soul...please listen to your inner voice and make a difference in people's lives! Either give me a call, drop me a line or contact them directly. If you have more questions same thing...but don't put it off!

I hope you all get that me even posting this is huge for me! I don't like selling or asking for $...but this is something I believe can make a huge difference in people's lives...something as basic as clean water! Just try going one whole day where every time you turn on your tap think of people in Haiti for who clean water is a luxury not a basic necessity! I can't imagine it! And don't think they should not have something so basic.

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