Saturday, May 12, 2007

I know I have been whining lots over the winter months...but now spring is here! I have a new job and things are feeling way better! And I LOVE FRIDAYS!

Because I'm working Sunday evenings I have Friday and Saturdays off and am so far loving my schedule. Friday's look like this...get up at 5:20 am (okay maybe could do without the early wake up part) go to the Gym where I meet up with 2-4 friends. Home to have a shower and then drive the girls to school. (This part helps me to feel like I'm being a good mom and spending time with the girls - just because I want to!) Then I head to Starbucks for a Latte and a good book, maybe even meet with a friend for a chat. Then I have a little time to browse the cool shops in that part of town. Then I head off to my friends restaurant and hang out, cut vegetables and learn a whole bunch of cool things! (This is probably my funnest part of the day!) Then it's Friday are done school for the week, Darren work...we can all hang together.

I LOVE FRIDAYS! I feel so relaxed, a little selfish (but I'm getting over that quickly!) but mostly just totally rejuvenated and blessed!


Bob & Kathy said...

Happy to hear that you're enjoying the new job.
Have a safe trip up to see Darren's brother>

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