Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Here's a little update on me. On Monday I started a new job! I'm no longer working in the office for the stair manufacturer. Being away from working in the human service field has been great for me as I have really missed what I used to do...I realized along the way that I really was passionate about what I was doing. I was just a little worn out and after a break I'm really excited about being back. So I'm back with the same company I had worked with over the previous 11 years. The two ladies I'll be hanging out with are two of my favorite people and that makes it even funner to come back to! I'm feeling very blessed! I'll be filling a maternity position for about a year and a half. After that we'll see where life is at.

Darren has just under two weeks of school left then he'll be done his forth year of carpentry!

The girls are good too - Makenna got a new Web Kinz this week - the Koala and Mickala is still loving her I-Pod Shuffle she got for her birthday...both are gowing up before my eyes!

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