Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Okay here goes the first post...boy do I feel green...I am so not the computer guru...We'll the kids are off to school and I had a few minutes to myself...just finished my bowl of Red River with pears and apple...I really should go get ready for my day but find it more relaxing to sit here and check out the world...
My goal for the week is to eat whole much as I need - but whole foods...I'm tired of feeling like crap! I feel like I'm being detoxed as my body is definitely not happy with me about this! Next week will add to that but for this week I'm finding it exhausting just to plan to eat well. (But boy did I sleep good yesterday!)
My day today looks like doing laundry, packing my 1/2 ready lunch, shower, make-up, few e-mails and off to pick up a kid to take her to the doctors. Then back to school with her and off to work for me. I'm not sure how Darren does it with me working in the evenings...getting dinner on the go, kids homework, lunches and keeping them on track - plus his own homework which I know is heavy to say the least! He is amazing!
Work...oh ya that J. O. B. thing. What can I say - best thing I did was cut back from managing to just "working"! I do miss parts of managing but the staff shortage thing - I'm all to happy not to have to worry about! What parts of managing do I miss? The co-ordinating of things...keeping everything has been hard at times to take a back seat and let someone else step up...but only because I would do things differently...not that things are not happening good/ well - just different than I might do them. I also miss the team building part! I really love finding what motivates people and getting them to tap into that - it is so cool to watch their energy and excitement for their jobs grow.
Well that's the first post...let's see how it looks on the site...I guess I just talked about me...well next time it will be more about the family.
Bye for now,


Lori said...

What's Darren studying, that he's got homework??

I'm loving the pictures!

Sonia said...

Darren has been taking 2nd year Carpentry