Sunday, January 29, 2006

Here I sit on Sunday morning...Darren and the girls are off to church and I'm hanging out with Nicole. Nicole is 19 and comes to hang with us two weeks out of every month. Her laughter is contagious and she is mostly easy going.

I'm thinking of all the things I should be doing ...."should" - need to get rid of that word in my vocabulary!

This weekend I have spent a good amount of time preparing meals and finding new ways to incorporate whole grain foods into our diet ...often in disguise so the girls don't know it's good for them...So far the girls havn't caught on in any exciting way ...but I am holding fast..we all need to eat healthier! To me it all tastes pretty darn good...just time consuming to learn to cook in a new way. Any yummy, healthy favorites out there please forward them on!

This afternoon I'm hoping to go shopping with Mickala for a bit...she got a couple gift certificates for her birthday...and is in a hurry to spend them. Tonight we have invited a friend over for dinner... Roast Chicken etc....should be good!

Well back to my world...


Lori said...

For online recipes that are extremely healthy, I like the advanced search function on Epicurious. (Only have, say, carrots and cabbage to go with the chicken breast? Search for those ingredients and specify "low fat"...there'll be something!)

Also the Becel website has great recipes, but unfortunately only a few. Try the vegetarian chili.

Sonia's mom said...

Hello Lori
Its been a long time!