Friday, July 13, 2007

July 13 th already!!! Darren and the girls are off to the Kootenays for a few days camping and's a little weird to have them gone without me but I already had a previous commitment for a retreat with a course I have been taking.

The girls have been to camp for a week (where they knew no one else) and had a blast from what I hear. Mickala went tubing on the lake and Makenna made some very precious ceramics (which she promptly gave us as gifts when she got home - overall it was a good time for them both.

Next week they are in a church run "day camp" in the mornings and with grandma and grandpa in the afternoons - I'm so grateful they love hanging out with their grandparents!

The picture is of the spectacular sunset last Saturday nt. It was taken at a fundraising dinner for the orphanage in India where he was adopted by a Canadian family. There were 3-4 bands, East Indian food (catered by Spoonstruck - Yumm!), silent auction and items for sale that were made at the orphanage (check out my new purse!). It was a very spiritual evening. Couldn't help but see God at work. I believe he raised between $8,000 - 9,000 in the one night! Pretty darn amazing if you ask me!

We'll I'm off to enjoy my day off.

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Bob & Kathy said...

Beautiful picture! The house must be empty without the rest of the family.