Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Well it is starting to feel like summer might just be around the corner. We set the pool up a couple of days a week ago and it has been cool ever since.

Work has been very busy...we have had to evacuate to a hotel as the house I work at has been flooded. It makes it very interesting to be in a hotel room where everytime we move we need to move a wheelchair to get into the fridge, bathroom, bedroom or living room...it's a little cramped to say the least!

Tonight Mickala's class did a special song/ play at school with pot luck dinner. The play was great and it was very nice to see all the parents. The hard part is seeing how all the kids are growing up!

Tomorrow is sports day at school and I have taken the day off to go help! I love sports days! It's so cool to get to see all the kids being kids!

I'm hoping to get the invites for Makenna's Birthday out by the end of the week. Yes I know my daughters b-day is not until August...but if I don't get them out now then everyone has plans come August.

I'm not sure if I have blogged about my working out...I'm loving working out at Curves. I am working at bumping it up to four times a week and took the "Advanced" segment today. I'm also hiking once a week with a friend from work and one day with either the family or a friend.

Well the kids need my help to get ready for school tomorrow...have a great day everyone!


Bob & Kathy said...

Nice to hear from you and knowing that everything is fine with the family.

Just a reminder. We will be in Kelowna from August 2nd to 10 and ill be park at Stephane. Hope Darren can help me with my 5th wheeler

Professor S said...

Hey Sonia. Well the boxes are unpacked and my parents have gone home. Kev's parents get here on Thursday. So I have 2 days to myself. Coffee? Also, I would love to do that hike or walk with you sometime - I need to start doing something - my sister gets married in Feb/March and I'm a bridesmaid!! I hope you check this.