Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Okay time for some updating....first - today is my Birthday! Yes, 21 again! Isn't it wonderful to look so old yet really be so young?!

We picked up a tree last Friday our dismay...the needles started falling off once the lights were on but before the decorations went tonight we went down and thought we would try it again...different kind of tree this time!

Darren is 1/2 way thru his third year of carpentry (the school part)...his marks so far are all in the 90's he's been studying very hard! I am so proud of him!!!

Kids also got their report cards and are both doing very well - again very proud of them too!!!

On a harder note...we just past the one year mark from when we lost Darren's dad....some days seem easier than others...the whole thing still seems very surreal! Doesn't feel right...doesn't feel fair!!! Still miss him more than I ever could have imagined!

It has now been three months since I started working of Rise and Run Mfg. It has been a challenging experience in many ways...trying to figure out if this is just growth or if it is time to move onto the next challenge...we'll see what God's plans are - hopefully that will be clear sooner than latter!

It is Christmas party season...and the celebrations have already begun! This weekend we have 4 different christmas things...Fri nt party, Sat nt party, Sun day xmas play practice, Sun nt Home for the holidays tour with Darren's mom...all of which I'm looking forward to...just not sure when I'm going to fit in the 4 hours of work I need to do between Friday and Sunday nt...

Hope all is well for you Blog's some notes to a few of you that I'm thinking of...Nat - hope you and Just are recovering! Send you both a big hug! Kathy - thanks for your extra help (with both jobs) so nice to see you! Jen P. Thanks for the visit a few weeks ago - I love shopping with you! Denise and the Family - think of you more than you know - you all continue to be in my prayers! Lori - you live so close yet I see you so little! so glad I have your Blog to check in with. Bob and Kathy - you inspire me! thanks for the call tonight! Jen and Trevor - hope all is well in that rainy wet part of the world...we think of you both often!

Oh ya one last are a few of my cool birthday gifts...a new sweater (it's very cool!), a plastersine rainbow and a CD series "Inspired by the Bible Experience" it is awesome!

May God continue to show us all the blessings in our lives everyday - even in the little things! Night!


Bob & Kathy said...

Great to talk to you yesterday and nice to see an update to your blog page!

Sonia said...

Your encouragement helped...that's why I started keep those who I don't talk to everyday who we don't see all the time.

Sonia said... the loop...okay I'm a little tired!

Lori said...

We will come up and visit one of these days, promise!!