Monday, February 13, 2006

So we went away for the weekend all the way up to Idabel Lake...Mom, Dad, Steph, Kim, Darren the girls and myself. Had a wonderful time bonding and riding around on the snowmobiles...even ate healthy and managed to stay on track with the new "want to feel healthy and not like crap" kick - so I better make healthy choices.

We have been looking for a small dog to bring into our family...anyone hear of a younger (not necessarily puppy) let us know.

Darren is all done school!!!! Yeah!!! Another 9 months or so before the next bout of torcher!

Some other possible cool things are brewing - I'll keep you all up to date if they develop positively.

Bye for now. Sonia


Lori said...

You all look so happy!

Your parents look the same as always -- is the guy sitting next to you your brother?!? In my mind's eye, he's still just a kid and punching me in the nose! :-)

Sonia said...

Yup he's my bro...